Our Team

Andrew Jackson


Our seventh president, Andrew has a quick wit and quicker temper. Loyal. Good in a duel. A family man, “Old Hickory” and his wife adopted three sons and are guardians for eight more. Well-known for his generosity, his face is on the $20 bill. Despite being portrayed on-screen by Charlton Heston, Andrew is a humble man.

The Kraken

Shipping and Receiving

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Technically a cephalopod, she manages all of our incoming freight. While her reputation for water safety is a bit sketchy, she loves ships, floating debris, and citrus fruit.

Tony Scialdone

Web Design

Tony designs the websites. He likes it. so we let him keep doing it. Buy him some Dr Pepper or a hot bowl of Pho and he may design you a website, too.

Connor Scialdone

Programming and Data

Connor writes the code that makes the websites do stuff. He’s also the resident data entry grunt expert, Regex guru, and hat aficionado.

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