Our Team

Andrew Jackson


Our seventh president, Andrew has a quick wit and quicker temper. Loyal. Good in a duel. A family man, “Old Hickory” and his wife adopted three sons and are guardians for eight more. Well-known for his generosity, his face is on the $20 bill. Despite being portrayed on-screen by Charlton Heston, Andrew is a humble man.

The Kraken

Shipping and Receiving

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Technically a cephalopod, she manages all of our incoming freight. While her reputation for water safety is a bit sketchy, she loves ships, floating debris, and citrus fruit.

Violet Parr

Programming Intern

Intensely shy but brimming with potential, Violet assists the development team. A high school student, she’s incredibly involved with her family’s community safety initiative. She loves her parents, and is especially proud of her brother Dash, a budding track star.

Tony Scialdone

Web Design

Tony makes the websites. He likes it. so we let him keep doing it. Buy him some Dr Pepper or a hot bowl of Pho and he may make you a website, too.

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