Frequently Asked Questions

Are you any good at this?
While style is subjective, code is not. We write some of the best code in the business. Search engines love our websites! We study constantly to keep on top of the industry, so we know our stuff.
How long have you been making websites?
We created our first website in 1999, and have made hundreds of websites since then. Check out the right side of this page (and our portfolio) for a partial list of clients.
How’s your Customer Service?
We’re happy that most of our clients stick with us for a long time. Some leave, only to come back when they experience the support other companies offer. We’re not perfect, but we work hard to make sure our clients become friends. Nobody wants to let down their friends.
How much does a website cost?
Simple websites are typically $500 to $1000. Web Hosting is $20 per month, or $200 when paid by the year. More complex websites come with more complex prices. Our costs are low. Quality work is worth the price, but our prices are usually lower than average.
How much will MY website cost?
That depends on your goals. Each organization is different, so each website is different. When we understand what you’re trying to accomplish, we can set a price. All of our web projects are done on a not-to-exceed cost basis, so there are no surprises. We won’t change the price unless you change the plan.
What if I don’t like any of the websites in your portfolio?
Every website in our portfolio is a unique creation for an individual client. No two are alike. Your website should reflect your goals, values, and audience. We can work together on a design you’ll like.
Can you help with Search Engine strategies?
Absolutely! Our code-writing skills are the foundation of good search results. The better you rank in search, the more traffic you’ll get. We’ve consulted with some of the biggest companies on the web.
Can you help with social media like Facebook and Twitter?
Yes. If you need more buzz, we can help you get it. We can also help automate the process, which reduces your work.
You work with a lot of churches and Christian non-profits. I’m not a Christian. Should I call someone else?
No worries. Many of our clients share our beliefs, but many don’t. Web design is a ‘referral’ business, so happy clients tell their friends. Many of our Christian clients refer their Christian friends. We can almost certainly work together. We get along with pretty much everyone.