Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?
Simple websites may be $500 or less. More complex websites come with more complex prices. I’m self-employed, so my costs are low. Quality work is worth the price, but my prices are usually lower than average.
What if I don’t like your portfolio?
Each site is a unique creation for an individual client. Your website should reflect your goals, values, and audience. We can work together on a design you’ll like.
Can you customize a blog for me?
You bet. They’re a lot of fun, too!
What if I don’t like my new website?
My work is unconditionally guaranteed. If you’re not happy, I’ll point you to designers who might make you happier.
Can you help with social media, like Facebook and Twitter?
Absolutely! If you need more buzz, I can help you get it.
I’m not a Christian. Should I call someone else?
Nah. Many of my clients share my beliefs, but not all. Web design is a ‘referral’ business, so happy clients tell their friends. That means that many of my Christian clients refer their Christian friends…but I’m pretty sure you and I can work together. I don’t bite. =)