About Straight Street Design

I created my first website in 1999. Our son Connor would soon be born, and we wanted our family to see pictures as he grew. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion, and Straight Street Design is the result. I’ve been able to turn my passion into a profession, and I’m grateful to have worked with some amazing clients. I specialize in working with small businesses, churches, and non-profits. I also consult on ‘best practices’ for the web as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media.

As both a businessman and a former pastor, I’m pleased to be able to serve. I consider myself ‘part of the team’ when I’m working on a website…your goals become my own. When I can help you help others, my work is truly fulfilling.

Why “Straight Street Design”?

I named my business as I did for a reason…and I’m glad you asked. It comes from the Bible, specifically from Acts 9:11. Here are the basics of the story: a first-century Christian named Ananias was given instructions in a vision from God: he was to go to Straight Street in Damascus and ask for Saul. When he found Saul, Ananias was to heal his blindness.

So far, so good. Ananias, however, wasn’t so sure. You see, Saul was well-known for trying to murder Christians. Ananias didn’t know that Saul had been confronted by Jesus…and that God was preparing Saul to become Paul the apostle. Despite his misgivings, Ananias obeyed God, and Saul’s sight was restored. Saul (now Paul) became the primary force behind the spread of the gospel from Israel to Rome and beyond.

I chose the name “Straight Street Design” in honor of God’s work in the life of Saul. If God could impact the entire world by changing the heart of a single first-century man, just think of what He might be able to do through YOU!

Tony Scialdone
Morrison, CO